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What is Verticillium wilt?

It is the most serious fungal problem of olive growing. It causes serious reduction of productivity, plant losses and soil degradation. It infects olive trees producing table olives (irrigated olive orchards) and the problem is mostly located in Chalkidiki, Magnesia, Fthiotida, Fokida and Aitoloakarnania. The infected trees in these areas with visible symptoms are estimated to 20% (40-60% yield reduction). 20% more trees are also considered to be infected with non-visible symptoms, which corresponds to a further 4-8% yield reduction. Fungus reproductive organs are found in soil (soilborne) and infect the root. It causes blockage of the vascular system of tree, and thus can result in death of the entire tree (apoplexy), half part of the canopy or dried branches. The fungus can live in the soil for many years rendering the infected field unsuitable for cultivation. There are not fungicides for treating this disease.

What can we do?

Timely Detection – Diagnosis – Mapping of the disease using aerial multi-spectral images

Ecodevelopment Agro has developed a diagnosis tool for the timely detection of Verticillium wilt symptoms of olive, and the trees also having infected with non-visible symptoms (initial stage of the infection or asymptomatic stress) and offers a management method and advice for treatments and cultural practices. Using remote sensing digital images by unmanned aerial vehicles, it is possible to detect trees with non-visible symptoms, so that the timely management of the disease can take place, and in parallel a "recipe"  is provided (recommendation) for the treatment of the disease, so that it can be manageable and the reduction of the olive orchard yield to be prevented

Description of the provided services

  • Assessment of the infected trees and mapping of the non-visible symptoms using multi-spectral images and special algorithms
  • Construction of hazard maps and database in which the evolution of the disease is recorded and the cultural practices for the management of the disease
  • Prediction of the financial damage and estimation for the management cost
  • Recommendation services for making the right management methods for treating the disease

Optical and multi - spectral images of Olives

Εξαγωγή Δείκτη NDVI

Εξαγωγή Δείκτη Καροτενοειδών

Εκτίμηση προσβολής ανά δέντρο. Τα επίπεδα προσβολής από βερτισίλλιο υπολογίζονται με βάση στατιστικές μεθόδους επεξεργασίας των επιμέρους δεικτών